Qarun Lake: Mysterious Treasure Holder

Qarun Lake located in the Fayoum Governorate is one of the historical spots in Egypt. In the bank of this you’ll get the place to rest, peace and pleasure because of its breathtaking landscapes and amazing cultural sites. This is the lake which brings life to the timeless mounts and banks of Western Egyptian Desert. Look deep into Egyptian history and you’ll find many interesting stories and myths about this Lake.

In the ancient times Qarun was a mighty lake which covered the whole area of Fayoum Governorate. But now, only a small portion of this big body of water remains. The water now spreads over 53,000 acres land. The influence of Qarun in these are undeniable even the name Fayoum came from an ancient Egyptian word Bayoum which means the lake.

There’s no one who can surely tell when and why the lake was named Qarun but many believes the name can be attributed to the protagonist of a story in the Holy Quran. The story comes like this, an opulent man a contemporary of Moses, who is believed to have lived in Egypt, and had all his mansions and possessions flooded as a punishment for his sins.

The residents live nearby the lake believe the true treasure of Qarun waits beneath the surface of the present lake. Some believe a fairy is guarding the treasures and some believe a mermaid is in duty. From the ancient times many people dived and searched for the treasures but so far nothing is found.

There’s people who claims to see the mermaid with their own eyes. The story is hardly believed but yet many experts are trying to recover the lost treasures. Whether there is treasure or not underneath Qarun delivered and still delivering it’s blessing to the nearby residents.