The Great Sphinx Reminds the Memories of Ancient Egypt

The Great Sphinx, the first Egyptian royal colossal sculpture, is a huge creature with a lion’s body and a human head at Giza near Cairo. It is the national symbol of the Egypt. This monumental statue has stirred the imagination of adventurers, tourists, poets and scholars for centuries.

The word “Sphinx” is a Greek word that they gave name to an amazing creature that had a head of women. Sphinx means strangler. There are so many Sphinxes in Egypt, usually with a king’s head wearing headdress and the body of lion. There are also some other Sphinxes with ram heads which are associated with the God Amun.

Khafre was an ancient Egyptian king and it is believed that his workers shaped a stone into lion body and gave their kings face on it over 4,500 years ago. However, none can say certainly that it is indeed the face of the king Khafre. An argument is out there that the builder of Great Pyramid, Khufu, might have built the Great Sphinx.

It is believed that the Great Sphinx is the most immense sculpture in the round that ever made by men. Most of the Egyptian monuments are complex and it is so. However, It is not an isolated monument that consists great statue itself, a new kingdom temple, its old temple and some other structures. The Great Sphinx is closely related to the valley temple of Khafre.

The material in the stone of Sphinx is the limestone bedrock which originated from the loose sediment deposit at the bottom of the sea about fifty million years ago.

Whether it is the face of the king or not, the Great Sphinx reminds the memories of ancient Egypt and now the people from all around the world come here to see the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx.