Some Travel Information about Egypt

Egypt has been a great destination for the people who love to know ancient history because Egypt is a mystery. It’s still a riddle that how the ancient people made such giant and historical pieces. Anyway, there are thousands of people each year come to visit this mysterious land. Today, I have brought some travel information about Egypt.

A passport and a tourist visa are required when you travel to another land. Tourist visas can be found at Egyptian Embassies and consulates around the world. After you acquire a single-entry visa, it is valid for 3 months and it allows you to stay in the country for 1 month. Travel Agency will often organize the visa for you; however, it is good to check on this yourself.

Health and safety:
Health and safety are always top concern to a visitor. Egypt was considered one of safe destination, but many of the tourists have been avoiding the country because of the recent political clash. However, the country is now safe. Crime rates are low. But it is always suggested to keep highest information when you plan to visit another country.

When you visit Egypt, it is good to keep local currencies. Acquiring local currency is easy because there are many banks, American Express and Thomas Cook offices available to exchange your cash. ATM cards – as VISA and Mastercards – can also be used in major cities.

hat to Wear?
Clothing is a great issue when you are traveling Egypt. Egypt is a Muslim-Country, so dress conservatively. While visiting churches, and mosques, men shouldn’t wear shorts and women shouldn’t wear mini-skirts, shorts or tank tops.

Loose and light cotton clothing is essential. Plenty of cloths available are available out there at the bazaars and it’s really fun to shop at the local markets.