Mystery of Egyptian Mummies Will be Unraveled in Australia

The mystery of mysterious Egyptian mummies will be unraveled soon. Australian nuclear scientists are working in collaboration with an international team of archaeologists and historians to unravel this mystery. A collection of Egyptian mummies will be checked by this group of experts and they will unravel their gender and age.

Dr Karin Sowada, Honorary Associate at Macquarie University’s Department of Ancient History started her research on origins of these mummies. She was an Assistant Curator at the University of Sydney’s Nicholson Museum where these mummies are now. Through several years of research she found some surprising information about these mummies.

On her research in 2010 and 2011’s she published name and time of death of two mummies. Australian nuclear scientists and international team of experts will help on her future research. The NM R27.3 is the subject of research to this group.

19th centurion western tourists brought lots of mummies, coffins and artifacts during their visit on Egypt. This team will examine the artifacts and date the time of death or civilization. They will analyze coffin style, embalming techniques and wrapping methods. Also techniques like DNA sampling, CT scans and carbon dating will be used to understand the real origin of these artifacts.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization is the most advanced research reactor in the world. ANSTO scientists will use radiocarbon technique to understand the date and age of these mummies.

This group of experts is tirelessly trying to find out the origin of these artifacts. Most of them were brought around a century ago in Europe. After a long journey they are placed in museums. Hopefully, in the next year this team will publish their search result.