Five Interesting Riddles About the Great Sphinx

Everyone would agree that Egypt is one of the most mysterious places of the world and there are still some riddles that may not be solved ever. Obviously, the great pyramid is the main attraction of the Egypt; however, the Sphinx (standing to the north near the pyramids at Giza) is another great attraction.

The Great Sphinx is made of limestone sedimentary rock. The name came from the Greek Mythology. There was creature in the mythology having a woman’s head and a lion’s body. The creature was a symbol of both intelligent and strong. The total length of the Great Sphinx is 242 feet and its height is 66 feet.

Here are the five interesting facts of Great Sphinx….

Riddle 1: The Forgotten Sphinx
Although Giza is known for history which reminds dating back to 4,500 years, there are not a single monument from this period that references the Sphinx; and this is why, there are always riddles surrounding the Sphinx.

Riddle 2: Sphinx has no nose
None could tell exactly what happened with the nose of Sphinx. There are many theories describing the Sphinx’s misplaced hooter. An inaccurate rumor is that the soldier’s of Napoleon blasted its nose with cannon fire.

Riddle 3: Watery Controversy
This is a miracle that the Great Sphinx is still undamaged because this is a construction of thousands of years old so rainfall would have put impacts on it, but did not.

Riddle 4: Sphinx of many colors
There are also riddles about its color because several colors have been found at some points on its body so it may have been multicolored.

Riddle 5: The Future
Local underground water table has risen because of the human activities; and water is filling the pores of the limestone, affecting the structural integrity.