Come and Get your Answers from Penn Museum

Penn museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is famous for its unique collections and the true story behind each item. Yes it’s all about the story. Each mummy, sphinx, pitcher, statue and mosaic comes with their own story. The story of how it got here, how it was found etc.

On this Thursday, Penn museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, throwing the gates open for all in the festive occasion of its 125 anniversary. This occasion will not only be a learning exhibition but also will constitute a day long conversation. The event will start from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., during this time curators will give their speech and answer their questions about what they do perform today. So this will be a high time for archaeo- and anthropologists all over the world. To learn details about the schedule, please visit:

The Artifacts Lab recently added to Penn Museum which is the highlight of the museum. Experts of this lab prepare skulls and bones and mummies right in front of the visitors. You might be curious of the past such as about Romans, Africa, Greeks, Etruscans, Sumerians, Mayans or about human evolution, how they have got here?

From 1 p.m. there is an archive to show for archivist Alessandro Pezzati, who made this museum possible. This archive will feature the untold story behind the story, the notes, photos, maps, letters etc. This event is tailored for to redefine the museum and what it does. And what it means to visit.

In July Siggers joined the museum as a Director. He is a young guy who belongs to a new generation and he is pretty good with social media. This interaction with media can help a great deal for museum as he also believes that museum is place for information and you should come for learning.