Ancient Egyptian Mysteries Revealed at Lancaster

Egypt has always been known for its mysteries. The people from all around the world come here to explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Everything surrounded Egypt is a mystery itself. The most famous is the Pyramid in Giza and it is the only remaining of the Ancient 7 wonders on the planet. There are thousands of other treasures of the ancient Egypt.

Anyway, the treasurers from the beginning of the ancient Egyptian histories are being showing at Lancaster city museum. The show off started on from Saturday, February 2, 2013. Many collections have been brought together and people seem to be very impressed with the Ancient Egyptian treasures.

Lancashire County Councils museum manager, Heather Dowler, said that all the artifacts were discovered by John Garstang while he was excavating In Egypt between 1900 and 1914. What Professor John Garstang excavated in the Egypt were mainly cemeteries. The objects that he retrieved were in high quality and very well-preserved.

Beautifully decorated vessels, very impressive wooden masks and stone statuettes of ordinary soldiers were the main attraction.

Family activities are also being held:

Saturday, 2nd February, people will made their own Egyptian mask like those were worn by mummified Pharaohs.

Monday, 18th February, people will build their own Egyptian Pyramid and discover how those impressive structures were built.

Tuesday, 19th February, people will discover how mummies are made by making their own Egyptian Mummy puppet.

Thursday, 21st February, people will discover how to write like an Egyptian. They will make their own Egyptian Cartouche by using hieroglyphics.

Friday, 22nd February, people will meet an archaeologist to find out the archaeologist’s amazing discoveries Egypt.