A Walk to the mystery of Egypt

In 500 BC Greek historian Herodotus wrote about the spectacular monuments, art and architectures of Egypt for the first time after his visit through Egypt. From the beginning Egyptian culture and outstanding knowledge of architecture has become an inspiration for the rest of the world. Till this day, people from every part of the world admire the mysterious history and development of Egyptian Pyramids.

From the very start humans are looking for the meaning of life. Throughout this search again and again they desired to attain immortality. If we look into Egyptian history, it’ll be illustrated better than any other civilizations. Great Pharaohs journey to eternity are written in the art, history and architecture of Egypt.

Around 5000 years ago this great civilization started it journey. Egyptian civilizations historic sites are the most attractive tourist’s spots. In the valley of Nile the first civilization was originated. Egypt is the first civilization with multinational state, use of hieroglyphs in writing was invented here, and system of government, religion and kingship was introduced for the first time in this very land. Surrounded by the endless desert this civilization is the most desirable place for the historian and tourists.

Egyptian believed both in death and life humans’ body and soul is important. From this believe they developed mummification and burial in tombs a way to intact the body for afterworld assists. They even put food, domestic wares, tools, treasures everything a person needs, inside the tombs. The architecture values of these Pyramids are indescribable. Highly skilled engineers, architects and paid labors worked days after days to build these massive monuments.

It’s really amazing how they moved these huge limestone blocks without use of any supporting tools. May be inside deep faith and believe in immortality was the main impetus for them. Perhaps they thought about the final judgments in afterworld.

After deciphering hieroglyphic writing and research on the life of peasants many unsolved mysterious has been answered about the growth and evolution of mysteries of Egypt. In this very day archeologists are discovering important pieces of information and knowledge of mysterious Egyptian history.